Saturday, October 11, 2008

Supposed to attend a pinic gathering @ Sentosa organised by CC but didn't turned up as it's 妈咪's off day... *Sorry Li De*

Drove over to Vivo as I need to show Helen from The Face Shop my acrylic nais (if required to do infill) & she commented that my nails could @ least last till next week before soaking off... So I've made a appointment to soak them off next Saturday & also made another appointment to doll up my nails again on the 1st November before I leave for Guangzhou...

Went Bakerzin to have some snacks & coffee while waiting for 爹地 to be off work... Little prince finished a whole slice of the Mango Moose cake all by himself & he seemed to be very satisfied... Little prince had a fun time playing with his grandma & I've managed to snap few pictures of him laughing happily...

Finally I had a photo with little prince smiled so happily as he normally won't smile when taking photos... I'm gonna develop this photo up to @ least 8R to frame up @ home and a 5R to place @ home...

Simply LOVE this to the MAX!!!

Mummy & son bonding

爹地 arrived shortly & we proceeded to have our dinner @ the Food Repulic... And it's little prince's 1st time having outside food as dinner... Asked 爹地 to get little prince wanton noodles & he only had 1/5 of the noodles... Well, at least I started off somewhere...

Little prince as usual fell asleep when on the way home but he's so energetic when we're home... So.... that explained more photos were taken... Lol...

And little prince turned 19 months old exactly today...

A tiny winy updates:

~ started to be talkative & will communitcate with you with his own language

~ finally started to call me "Mi"

~ learning to master removing of his shoes

~ clings to me more than his Daddy

~ wants me to tuck him to bed instead of his Daddy

~ knows how to say 'Night Night' when it's bedtime

~ love to press the 'down' button of the lift whenever we stepped out of our house

~ learning to feed himself wth the spoon (and make a hell mess on the floor)

~ love to bring storybooks to either me or Daddy & read to him

~ will pull your hands & bring you to where he want to go or take what he want

~ always want to carry my bag or shopping bags

And I've finally put his name on the waiting list for childcare near my residential area... Keeping my fingers crossed for the good news & I can't wait to see little prince going to childcare making new friends & lesrning more things... =)


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