Friday, October 3, 2008

More photos from Charmaine's digital camera for the Idobaby gathering @ East Coast...

The adorable & lovely kiddos

Viviana (Valerie's daughter)

Little prince

Maverick (Amanda's son)


Kennzo & Jadon

Jade (Lydia's daughter)


Ashley (Scoobydaddy's daughter)

Rinzen & little prince

Ganden (Darren's son) & Joshua (Lois' son)

Little prince choosing biscuits

Raisins give-a-way time from 'Santa' Darren... The kiddos kept wanting more & more...

Fun time @ the beach

Kiddos enjoying playing with sand & building sandcastles with parents

The only roller blader of the day

Ganden getting ready to blade

It's bicycle time!!!

See their angelic smile

Daddies & Mummies with kiddos

Catherine's family potrait

Wendy's family potrait

Amanda's family potrait

Lydia's family potrait

Charmaine's family potrait

Darren & Rinzen

Catherine & Kennzo

Now only Mummies

Me & Lydia

Catherine, Me, Lydia & Charmaine

Catherine & Charmaine

Amanda, Me & Catherine

Me,Charmaine & Catheine

Little prince still can give a cheeky face after his fall

This mystery man made his 1st ever appearance in
Idobaby gathering history... Haha...


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