Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Finally the day has arrived!!! The idobaby gathering @ East Coast organised by Charmaine..

The weather was G-R-E-A-T!!! It's a windy & not too humid day... Although I'm the one staying nearest to East Coast Parkway, I was late & only reached there around 2+pm after getting chicken nuggets from McDonald's...

Little prince was so excited (as usual) and the moment we reached there, he's smiling all the way when we walked towards our meeting place...

The rest of the members & their family members already arrived & chatting over food... It's my 1st time meeting Wendy (purplewish80) & family, Valerie (toolsieval) & family & also Amanda (babykapo) & family... It's actually my 2nd time meeting Amanda but it's my 1st time meeting her charming son, Maverick... Darren + Ganden + Rinzen, Catherine + WY + Janine + Jadon, Lois + Joshua were there too, and not forgetting the organiser, Charmaine + Sam + Adel + Kennzo...

Candid shots taken by Valerie

Me & little prince

Little prince & Adel

Little prince & Janine

The AJ sisters, Adel & Janine

Little prince like to play & interact with Rinzen and as well as other kiddos... The sight of seeing Rinzen & little prince interact with one another was soooooo adorable... But Rinzen kept clinging to her daddy, I took a pic as evidence... Lol....

Rinzen & little prince

Rinzen & little prince interacting

Charmaine bought few boxes of biscuits for the kiddos & Catherine was letting little prince choose the one that he want...

"Which one should I choose? I'm spoilt for choices."

"Hmmm... Which one?"

"Ok, I've made my choice."

"See! Mummy."

Little prince & Maverick

Darren was like a 'Santa', giving out gifts... But this time, the gift was RAISINS... The kiddos really enjoyed eating the raisins...

These were shots taken by Valerie... All nicely taken...


Little prince



Ganden & Joshua were having fun having 'water war' with Sam

After the 'water war', Ganden's all ready to roller blade... Darren had enrolled him to roller blade lessons & he's doing quite well...

Ganden *getting ready to roller blade*

Mummy & little prince again

Hottie Bikini babe

Janine & Adel

Me & the AJ (Adel & Janine) sisters

And now it's time for some pics of the mummies & daddy...

Me & Lydia

Charmaine, Catherine, Me & Lydia

Wendy's hubby & Brandon

Wendy's family potrait

And it's time for some bicycle ride... It looked fun, isn't it?

Happy Janine

Sexy Adel posing

Little prince's 1st attempt on bicycle

Janine & Mummy Catherine

Little prince & Mummy

Valerie + family, Amanda + family and Wendy + family left early as their kiddos need to nap... Little prince had a fall & got a bump on his forehead when I wanna change his diapers... I didn't realised about the bump until Catherine told me...

Can you see the bump?

Don't know why little prince got that sad face

Don't know why the kiddos love to play under the table... They can run from 1 table to another and go under the tables... Think only the kiddos know exactly what fun they're having...

Little prince was sweating all over after all those fun & this was the end result...

Playing with Lois' bag

Scoobydaddy + Ashley came around 5+pm & gave us a surprise... Only I can recognised him as most of the never seen him before (be it in photos or in person)... I only 'saw' him before in his picture from his blog... But they only stayed for a while & left... Ashley was kinda shy & need time to warm up, but it's ok... We can totally understand why Ashley felt this way... Maybe scoobydaddy should join us more often for gatherings...

Sam was saying Kennzo was a 'bad guy' when he placed that hankie onto his tiny face...

'Bandit' Kennzo

Catherine was playing 'London Bridge is falling down' with the kiddos & all of them simply love to get 'trapped' when the 'bridge' is falling down...

Look at their angelic & happy faces

Little prince's bump had slightly subsided & blue-black was formed

Little prince had a fall while walking back to the car & resulted in having cuts & bruises & it bled... What a day for little prince... Little prince actually fell asleep even when we're just 5 steps away from our car... Seemed like he totally enjoyed himself to the fullest... Lol...

But he's wide awake when we reached home...

Hoping for more of these close-to-nature gatherings in near future...

To: Charmaine

Thanks for organising this gathering!!!

To: Charmaine, Darren, Catherine, Lois, Wendy, Valerie, Amanda, Scoobydaddy

We had make this gathering a successful one!!! Hope to have more of this gatherings!


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