Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Little Regan!

Eunice celebrated Regan's 1st birthday earlier @ The Aranda Country Club... Went over with little prince & he's very excited when we're on the way there as I told him later will have 姐姐s, 哥哥s, 妹妹s & 弟弟s to play with him...

Darren + Janurse + Ganden + Rinzen were the 1st to arrive when we're there... The moment Rinzen saw little prince, she walked quickly to little prince to play with him... Darren said that Rinzen even wanted to carry (or hug) little prince... The sight of them interacting with each other was so adorable & so coincidentally, they wore similar colours too... Haha...

Rinzen attempting to carry little prince

Little prince & Rinzen's interaction time

Eunice & me

Me & the birthday boy, Regan

Me & Reiko (Regan's sis)

Charmaine + Adel + Kennzo came shortly... Kennzo resembled Adel more & more, especially when he smiled...

Kennzo & Me

Me & Adel (Kennzo's sis)

Little prince & Reiko, both of them were having their own fun by crawling all over the living room... I'm pretty glad that little prince really love to interact with other kids & I don't really have to worry too much if my #2 is on the way...

Rebecca + family & Jennifer + family were there too... The buffet food's simply delicious & all of us enjoyed ourselves & also the F1 night race... Left shortly after the cake cutting as gotta work the next day...

To: Eunice + family

Thanks for inviting me & little prince to Regan's 1st birthday celebration! Thanks for the food! =)


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