Saturday, September 13, 2008

This is the 2nd Mid-Autumn Festival that little prince is celebrating... And this year was slightly different as we're 'celebrating' over @ 阿嬷's house...

Picked Mummy up in the afternoon & drove over to 阿嬷's house... 小姨 invited us over as she's cooking chicken rice & fried chicken wings... Little prince as usual was enjoying himself while playing with his youngest 姨姨... His youngest 姨姨 always 'complained' about little prince but yet want to play with him... duhz...

Little prince & his youngest 姨姨 were so excited about the 提灯笼 that both of them refused to nap for awhile... And we went down to the garden shortly after dinner...

Getting ready to the garden to 提灯笼

Little prince: *looking for the house keys*

Little prince: "Quick get the keys, Mummy."

Little prince: "Let me get the 'Down' button."

Little prince: "Let me get it."

Little prince getting excited

Little prince: "Ermm.... Why so long????"

Little prince: "Still on 13th floor??"

Little prince: "Finally reached the ground floor. Let me walk faster."

Little prince: "Do I look fierce?"

Little prince's youngest 姨姨

Little prince & 六姨

爹地 preparing little prince's 灯笼

Little prince 1st time holding a traditional 灯笼

Mummy & little prince

Little prince @ the plyaground

Mummy & little prince again

Little prince & 公公

A heart made by Kylie

Little prince fell asleep in the car while on the way back home...


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