Saturday, September 6, 2008

Finally meeting up with lovely Nadia + sweetie Fay after so long... And just before I left the house, little prince had a fall & his face was 'disfigured' and he cried a long long time... That fall had left a long red (and it's damn RED) line on the right side of his face... 心痛死我了...

My 'disfigured' little prince

Supposed to do lunch with Julia + Keidi, Nadia + Fay & Stephiey + Zenden @ 12.30pm but I couldn't make it... Julia + Keidi left mins before I reached & I missed the chance of seeing Keidi after so long... =( And I'm so surprised that Fay still rememebered me after so long... She's willingly letting me hand her hands whererever we go and little prince got jealous & was constantly whining whenever he saw me holding Fay's hand... Haha...

We went to the kids' department to see what we could grab for the kids... Our 1st stop was the toys' department...

Ain't he adorable?

The kiddos' interaction

Little prince & Fay

Little prince & Zenden

Mummy & little prince

Then to Fox Baby as I thought of getting more clothes for little prince... After that, went over to the kids' corner next to the nursery room to look for them & the kids had a great time playing with the blocks provided... But I was damn angry with little prince for not drinking his milk & the reason was, he wants to go out & play with the kiddos... That's a MAJOR distraction to him & I've already tried bringing him to one corner away from the play area & even into the nursery room but still failed... I just ignored him and I caught him looking @ me many times...

Fay & me

Little prince, me & Fay

Me & lovely Nadia

Sweetie Fay

Mummy & little prince again

We stayed @ the play area for a while before we bidded goodbye to Stephiey & her friend... Nadia & I went over to TCC for some drinks & snacks & at the same time, I also want to feed little prince some cheese cake to make up for his earlier feed... Both Fay & little prince had a fun time interacting with each other & enjoying their cheese cakes...

I simply love to snap pictures of little prince cuz that's the purpose of the digital cameras... haha...

Fay & little prince

Who wants ice-cream?

Our group pics

Nadia & little prince

Mummy Nadia & sweetie Fay

Mummy's dearest little prince


Drove over to Nadia's place for the day before heading back home...

Fay & little prince's interaction time

Little prince & Fay's backview


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