Friday, September 12, 2008

Finally my GAP & ON spree loots are here... Actually, Cammy had already received the loots weeks ago & wwaiting for me to collect... But I always couldn't find time to collect from her & I've got her to mail to my office via registered mail...

Went for my eyebrows trimming after work & also to get Shirley's birthday pressie... Was in a dilemma of what to get for her as the 3 of us totally had no clues what to get her...

Was on conference call with Shelley & Jacqueline while getting my eyebrows trimmed & we've decided on either get from these 2 brands ("C" or "G") & finally got the "G" mobile phone strap from Takashimaya... Decided to take train home 1st as the rest were not meeting that early & also to collect car from 老公...

It was my 1st time to Le Bar @ Neil Road & the concept of the pub was pretty nice... Shelley, Ying & Jacqueline was late and Shirley, the birthday gal, came down to bring me up to the private party room located on the 3rd level... We chatted while waiting for Jacqueline to arrive...

It's been sooooo long since I last saw Jacqueline... I was supposed to attend her beautiful Shyanne's full month early part of August but I couldn't make it as I was away in BKK... Well, I'm really glad to get to see after so long & she lost a bit of weight... *Congrats babe!*

And Shelley's the ultimate on that day... I've been 'blasting' her mobile phone for a good 15 mins & she didn't even picked up my calls... She only returned my call when it's closed to 12am and the reason was that she dozed off... *alamak*

We ladies enjoyed ourselves well (even though Shirley just left us @ a table while she enjoy)...

Happy advanced 21st birthday, Shirley!

Jacqueline & Me

Jacqueline, Shirley & Me

Shelley & Me

The Ladies

Ying & Shelley

Ying, Shelley & Me

Me & Birthday Babe

Shelley & Shirley

Me, Shelley, Ying & Jacqueline


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