Thursday, September 11, 2008

Little prince is 18 months old!!! Time flies... =)

I took time off & brought little prince to the polyclinic for his last booster jab together with 老公... We're early for our appointment & while waiting for our turn, the nurse came & told us that they couldn't locate little prince's file... And we waited @ least more than 1/2 hour & the nurse was so nice to take little prince's height & weight 1st while the rest searching for his file...

Little prince is standing @ a height of 83cm & weighing @ 12.4kg... Consider tall? Hmm... Hope that little prince don't take after my height... *praying praying*

Little prince was climbing up & down the chairs while waiting to be called in for his booster jab... And he's a brave boy when the nurse administered the jab on his right arm... He's looking @ the needle being poked into his arm & he didn't even cry or dodge away... He simply forgot about the jab & even waved 'bye bye' to the nurse... His 18 month assessment was fine & his next jab will be in 2010 when he's 3 years old...

And some little small updates on him:-

~ pronounce egg as 'eat' or 'it'

~ will tell you when he wanna urine

~ love to dance around in circles

~ always like to climb up the stairs

~ love to listen to nursery rhymes & even do some actions

~ love to imitate whenever 老公, mil or myself doing household chores

~ love playing @ the playground

~ prefer to run when walking

~ love to sit in front of the fish tank to look @ the fishes swimming

~ forever happy when he knows I'm bringing him out during weekends

~ started to call 妈咪 "mah mah"

老公 and I are now searching for childcare centres that we can send little prince there to learn more things and also to interact with other toddlers more... 老公 asked little prince few days ago if he would like to go school & little prince answered "Yes"... But not too sure if going for 1/2 day or full day... We shall see how things progress & will play by the ear...


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