Friday, October 3, 2008

Today is the 2nd gathering that I'm looking forward to this week, apart from the East Coast gathering...

And I've decided to bring little prince along with me & told 老公 to drive little prince down to my office after work... Little prince was forever excited when I told him that Mummy's bringing him out... Had my dinner @ Sakae Sushi (Suntec) with little prince 1st before heading over to Starbucks to meet up with them...

Little prince & Mummy

Zen was there 1st when were @ Starbucks... The rest of them arrived shortly after their dinner... Little prince was kinda shy initially upon seeing Zen, Cara + bf, Violet, Constance, Li De, Wendy, Doris + bf, Violet, Andre, Linda and Eileen... Didn't really talked to them much as little prince kept clinging on to me & insisted (by pulling my hand) me to bring him walk around & to buy cakes...

Love this pic!!

Our group pic

Cara, Zen, Doris, Eileen & Andre with little prince

Shots by Li De

Me & Cara

Doris, little prince & me

Doris, little prince, me & Cara *take 1*

Doris, little prince, me & Cara *take 2*

Doris & me

Didn't stay too long as it's past little prince's sleeping time & called 老公 to pick us up... I'm looking forward for more of these gatherings as it's really fun to be with them and also all my other friends...

To: Zen, Cara, Violet, Constance, LiDe, Wendy, Doris, Violet, Andre, Linda and Eileen

Nice to see you peeps again!!! Hope that little prince didn't scare you peeps (with his nonsense) off though.. =)


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