Saturday, October 4, 2008

Went Bugis with Rebecca & Belinda together with little prince & Kenan... 老公 sent me & little prince to MRT station as I don't feel like driving today... Wanted to make payment for my credit card bills via AXS machine while waiting for Rebecca but that STUPID AXS machine got a little bit of 'attitude'... Damn it... In the end, William (Rebecca's hubby) drove us there...

Belinda came joined us shortly after Rebecca bought gifts for her company function... Little prince & Kenan had a great time interacting with each other @ Swatch shop...

We proceeded to TCC for some drinks & snacks as the preggie Rebecca craved for some snacks... Kenan is exactly 2 months + 1 day younger than little prince and Kenan's gonna be an elder brother in another month's time... I'm still waiting for my #2 to appear... =( but it's ok, I'll let nature take its course as I don't want to stress myself or 老公 just for the sake of wanting a #2... =)

While waiting for the next available table, took shots of Rebecca & Kenan as well as little prince...

Rebecca & Kenan

Mummy & little prince

Little prince & Kenan


Little prince

They're such lovely darlings

Little prince was so excited when he saw birds flying in the sky when he lifted his head up... He's telling me in his own baby language & kept pointing to the sky above... Even Kenan also got excited...

See he's so happy

Think this was our 1st time the 3 of us took a pic together with little prince & Kenan... I simply love this pic...

Our group photo

Me & Belinda *True friends for Life*

Little prince & Belinda

Me & Rebecca

Belinda left early as she had another appointment & William picked us up & sent me & little prince home... Shall arrange another gathering with Rebecca, Belinda & Dorothy soon... It's really been very very very very long since the four of us got together... Really missed those days @ least 1 decade ago...


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