Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today finally went to soak off my acrylic nails @ Cynthia's Divine Nails Sanctuary as I'm afraid of getting infection as gaps had been formed... I've actually made an appointment this Sat but I don't think I want to put myself in a paranoid position & kept worrying about the nails infection... I'm supposed to go for infills 1 week after I did my nails but I didn't bother to as it still looked good... Guess I'm gonna make it a habit to go @ least 1 time to do the infills when I get my nails done next time...

I'm so not used to my current short nails now as it's really really damn short la... Kinda miss my acrylic nails though... If it's not because I'm worried about getting my nails infected, I don't think I would want to soak them off... Gonna let my nails rest before I do another set of acrylic nails, or maybe Gel nails or maybe Sculpture for a change... Shall see which to do if my finance allow me to...


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