Friday, October 24, 2008

* pics from both Catherine & Charmaine's blogs...

YEAH!!! Little prince & I will be going to the Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales on the 22nd November 2008, Saturday together with Charmaine + family & Catherine + family!!! And it's also both little prince & my 1st time attending a performance like this...

I was hesitating when Charmaine asked if any of us interested to bring our kiddos for this performance, cuz of the words "Fairy Tales"... And my perception of "Fairy Tales" was it sounded more suitable for girls than boys and will it be too girly for little prince to go? I've been wanting to watch these kind of performances very very very much when I was young but didn't have the chance or rather, maybe during my era still not much of these performances yet... And I wanted to fulfil my childhood wish cuz @ least I get to experience how a live performance is all about... I've been wanted to bring little prince to these kind of events long ago like Barney, Thomas & His Friends had their live performances held in Singapore not too long ago... But was worried that he don't really understand what the performance was all about cuz he's still abit young... And I finally got Charmaine to get a ticket for myself to bring little prince for the performances and it's FREE for kids below 2 years... =)

I'm so glad that I've got the ticket & am looking forward to this Disney Live! I'm sure little prince would definitely enjoy the performance!!!

Can't wait for 22nd November 2008 to arrive!!!

To: Charmaine

Thanks for getting the ticket on my behalf!!!


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