Friday, February 13, 2009

It's another chill-out night with the usual suspects @ Hakuba again just 1 day before Valentine's Day... And we had the same old drink (my favourite drink Martell)... It's a session full of fun, laughter, playing pool & singing... Jacqueline didn't joined us as both her kiddos were down with viral infection... Luckily we managed to get the sofa seats rather than the outside seats as the risk of getting mosquitoes visitng you is very very high... Haha... I didn't really have the mood to sing but I have the mood to DRINK... =X

Not much of a wordy entry this time as it's always the same old thing @ the same old spot with the same group of company which I totally enjoyed... =)

Koco, me & Lenie

Lenie & me

Shirley & me

Me & Hoe

Me & Jeffrey

Me & Vince

Our Karaoke Queen & she sings damn well


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