Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Darling Josephine & I had our another chill-out night @ Hakuba, although I've there like just few hours ago... Cuz the 2 of us were feeling damn bored @ home & need some alcohol to spice up our mood... Haha... Just an excuse for me to indulge myself with alcohol again... =P

3 years of darling-ship & still counting

Darrick came down to look for us & darling played 5 10 with him... He kept losing to darling... Haha... Then he got Vince & Jeffrey to play with darling on his behalf...

Random photos of darling & me

And we got Jeffrey to take a photo of the 3 of us...

And this is the 1st shot... It looked kinda far & we're so tiny

At least this is much better...

Vince after drinking lotsa beer

And this was the most classic shot of the night... Totally caught him off guard... Haha... He kept pleading me to delete this photo away but I totally reject him... =P

The classic shot of the entire night


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