Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today I FINALLY get my ass out of my house to pay Dr John a visit, after postponing for more than 1 week... I'm just plain L-A-Z-Y to travel all the way down to Ghim Moh without my car... And OMFG! I've put on 2.4kg more when Dr John took my weight... He gave me 1 month's supply & I will be seeing him again in a month's time......

After I'm done seeing Dr John @ 3+pm, I drove over to Punggol Marina to meet Zell & his colleague @ Hakuba... Didn't stayed there too long as Zell had a appointment with his client @ 6+pm and I also need to pick little prince up... His colleague was fun though...

And little prince turned 23 months exactly today!!! Soon he'll be 2 years old and I'm now thinking how should I celebrate his 2nd birthday... Should I hold it @ Downtown East & cater buffet just like what I did for his 1st birthday last year or just simply hold it @ my place to minimise my spendings? I really don't know... Any suggestions??


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