Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's my 1st prawning experience with the lovely ladies @ Punggol Marina & to be frank, I didn't managed to catch any prawns during the many hours there... HAHA... Shirley, Lenie, Jacqueline & Srephiey each of them caught quite a few. and Lenie's the biggest winner of prawning... Lenie caught the most prawns with the record of 14 prawns...

And the photos below were the final prawn-count that they've caught... Altogether 36 prawns and we have about additional 10+ prawns given by others... Haha...

And I swear that I'm gonna see Dr John SOON!!! Cuz I hate it when I'm growing FAT!!!!!!!!!!

After they're done with their prawning, Guofeng helped to start the fire for our BBQ... And our cooks of the day were Stephiey & Lenie... Look @ the delicious freshly caught prawns...

And I'm beginnig to fall in love with prawning... Not that I really like to prawn, it's the company that you're with & I always think that that's the MOST important... =)


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