Sunday, January 11, 2009

Went Jurong Point with 妈咪, 爹地 and little prince... It looked bigger with the newly extended area... Had our dinner @ Swensen's...

And it's shopping time after dinner & 爹地 brought little prince to take photos with the CNY decorations just right outside the complex... Little prince was all excited when he saw the lion dance display and he kept saying "dong dong cheng"...

I've finally bought my CNY clothes from PurPur & I love their clothes... Bought 2 off-shoulder tops (same design in black & yellow), 1 v-neck top and a belt... Happy Happy... =)

My crying little prince...

Here's some updates on little prince & he turned 22 months today!

~ can clearly pronounce 'Milk Milk', 'Bus', 'Train', 'Hold', 'Car'
~ can say simple words like 'beef ball (aka Fish ball in his own terms)', 'Hold', 'Throw', 'Mian Mian (noodle)', 'Wait Wait' & 'Hi' & 'Hello' (together with actions), 'Hug Hug', 'Kew (aka thank you)'
~ will say 'Mimi (aka Mummy), p-lease' when he wants to have a share of my food or drinks
~ will tell you 'Wait Wait' together with the hand sign when preparing his milk
~ can undertsand simple instructions
~ will say 'Hold' when holding hands
~ knows how to sing 'The Wheels on the Bus', ie: ".... go round and round" and "all through ... town"
~ love to eat fishballs (just like the Mummy)
~ starting to have his own fashion sense in choosing what clothes & shoes to wear
~ loves to imitate our actions

and many more that I can't recall now...

His 2nd birthday is just 2 months away... Gotta get my butt moving on his birthday preparation before the time runs up... And I'm gonna put him in childcare either before or after his 2nd birthday... Gotta discuss with 老公 1st...