Friday, January 9, 2009


Well, as most of my friends know (be it via facebook, emails and smses), yea... I've been retrenched!!! Not only me, my most capable boss was also asked to go... Can you believe it!!!

I actually have a bad omen today after lunch when my boss was being called to the meeting room for a long time... But I didn't know that my 6th sense was SOOOOOOOOO ACCURATE!!! I think I must buy lottery and who knows I might strike 1st prize?? Haha... *Fat hope man*

I'm really grateful to those who showed concern, especially my boss, Ivy! She's really the greatest boss that I've ever worked with in my whole entire life & she has taught me alot of things... She's really a great boss & friend!!! I'm surprised that my boss could take it very well, although she's still shocked about the issue... Not only her, I'm also very shocked...

Well, life is always full of UPS & DOWNS... Especially when the economy is in a pretty bad shape now... As the saying goes, "Everything happens for a reason"...

I'm gonna pick up myself again & start sending out resumes... GAMBATE!!!


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