Saturday, December 27, 2008

Met up with dariling Josephine for high tea @ Meritus Mandarin... Supposed to meet her @ 3pm but little prince & I only reached there around 4+pm... Cuz little prince was still sleeping when I reached my ILs' office and mil told me not to wake him up as he had his nap just 1/2 hour ago... =,="

The food was yummy & little prince enjoyed the scenery and he kept telling me "ball ball" when he saw people playing basketball from 39th floor...

Walked over to Takashimaya as darling need to get a christmas pressie for her friend and we rest our feet @ Coffee Club... And our last stop was to Far East Plaza as darling wanted to get a pair of black heels before we called it a night... I was supposed to meet darling for chilling out with her friends but I was already in my dreamland while making little prince sleep... Sorry darling... =(


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