Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today's another Idobaby mini gathering that's for organised specially for Jansey as she only come back to SIN maybe twice a year... We had lunch @ the 日本村, The Cathay and as usual, Charmaine's the earliest one to arrive together with Adeline... I was all prepared to take train down to town but little prince woke up late from his nap... Thus I took a cab down to town...

Mummy & little prince

While eaiting for the rest to join us, Charmaine & I took out our cameras & started snapping on the different expressions of the kiddos...

Adel & Amelia

It's not a very big group thus it's easier to take a group photo...

Our Group Photo

After Catherine + family & Rachel + family arrived, we started on the 'drawing lots' for the gift exchange session as Jansey needed to head back home for the kiddos to have their nap...

X'mas pressies for the kiddos

Both Janine & little prince had lotsa fun admiring the fishes and Adel joined them too... Janine was so cute... She placed her arms around little prince when she's beside him... Haha...

Janine & little prince admiring fishes

Adel, little prince & Janine


Jansey & her 2 precious

Catherine & Janine: 母女装

Cathterine & family ~ The little PINK family

We headed to Starbucks on the 1st level to had some coffee as well as chit-chatting before we bidded goodbye...

Candid shots of me

Me & Jadon

And this was what little prince received from this afternoon gift exchange session...

Little prince 1st x'mas gift


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