Friday, December 12, 2008

Today's the date with pretty babes for early christmas dinner & also gift exchange... We've set a budget of $20 and we're supposed to get just 1 pressie for the exchange...

We headed to Swensen's in town for our dinner... I didn't ordered my usual as I'm stil pretty full eversince lunchtime... Thus, shared pizza with Suyin while Jasmine & Sylvia had sandwiches...

Our Yummy Dinner

Candid shots by me

Do they look alike? Haha...

Pretty Babe 1: Suyin

Pretty babe 2: Sylvia

Pretty Babe 3: Jasmine & Suyin

After dinner, we decided to walk around to take photos & also to burn some calories... And we got some passerbys to help the 4 of us to take photos... Some were friendly & some NOT... And 1 even showed us attitude and the following photo was taken by that person...

Sylvia & Me couldn't resist of not taking photo with this cute little character and got Suyin to take for us... Isn't he C-U-T-E???? Hehe...

We took more photos as we walked down to Borders... There's still more photos in Suyin's camera & am waiting for her to tag me in FB...

And finally we decided to rest our feet & had some drinks @ Coffee Bean as well as do the gift exchange thingy...

Suyin: "Hmm... Who's pressie will I get?"

It's TIME for our gift exchange!!! We have to draw lots & see who got whose pressies... And these were the christmas pressies that the 4 of us bought... And the "lucky draw" starts now!!!

Suyin's the 1st one to draw

Sylvia: "Huh? Why I soooo 'lucky'? Always draw my name..."

Sylvia: "Phew... At least this is much better..."

Jasmine: "Now's my turn... Will I be soooo lucky??"

Sylvia had been drawing her own name for @ least 4 times... LOL...

All of us were happy about the pressies as it's the THOUGHT THAT COUNTS!

And, this was what I got for my christmas pressie from Sylvia... =)

And 1 last photo with Jasmine before heading home sweet home...

I had a G-R-E-A-T and W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L time with these 3 pretty babes over dinner as well as coffee... And we're gonna plan for our next outing to karaoke... =)

To Jasmine, Suyin & Sylvia:

Thanks for the wonderful company this lovely evening!!! I believed the 4 of us truly enjoy ourselves today... Let's have our karaoke session soon!!! =)


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