Friday, December 26, 2008

Am on childcare leave today (need to clear before Year 2009)... I've actually planned to have our family day today to take a ride @ the Singapore Flyer together with 老公 and little prince but due to the power failure incident happened on Tuesday, there goes my initially plan... But luckily for me, Eunice had informed me that Singapore Flyer had actually extended the expiry date of the pre-tickets that I've bought from her company few months ago till 30 June 2009... Phew!

Nevertheless, we still had our mini family day even just for the few hours in the morning... Brought little prince to Little Neuro Tree for their preview talk @ Marine Parade... I was telling 老公 that we can consider sending little prince to attend these kind of enrichment classes if we're not gonna put him in childcare... 老公 was okay with what Little Neuro Tree offers but still need to discuss further before making the right decision...

We headed to have our lunch @ Sakae Sushi... It's also a "Daddy-and-son" bonding time, which means.... Cam-whoring! Haha...

Interaction time

Little prince feeding his Daddy

Saying 'cheese' with Daddy


After lunch, drove 老公 back home before meeting Rebecca for coffee & mini-catching up over @ Coffee Bean, E-Hub...

Met up with my lovely ladies @ night for another round of chilling out... Our initial plan was to chill out @ Dempsy Road but changed our plan to Crew Room... It's always fun to have them around but Shirley left early as she's not feeling well... The 3 of us had an early night that night too...

I would say that my day today was well-spent with all the lovely companions... =)


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