Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Today's Christmas Eve... Let me wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Yesterday did my last minute christmas (Pressies) shopping for my ex-superior & I had a hard time finding a nice box to wrap my immediate boss' christmas pressie... I was kinda surprised that Charles & Keith only sell gift boxes in a pathetic outlet and of ALL places, CityLink... And I purposely made the trip down to CityLink to get the gift box after work & to my disappointment, they only left with the VERY big ones that it's WAY too BIG for my boss' pressie... I was pretty angry @ that very moment cuz the SA whom I bought the bag from the Junction 8 outlet on Sunday told me that they still have PLENTY of stocks for the gift boxes in ALL sizes in CityLink... It's really a waste of my time for making the trip down cuz I could have just get the box from Shirley instead on Sunday...

But neverthelss, I finally found the perfect box to wrap my boss' gift & I'm soooooooo glad & happy that she like it!!! She was telling me that she intended to get that bag when she 1st saw in one of the outlet... Haha... Does this call telephathy? I should have taken a photo of the 2 pressies that I prepared for my ex-superior & my immediate superior... But I TOTALLY forgotten all about it cuz I'm LATE for work due the comfy weather...

Anyway, I'm sooooooo glad that the people who received christmas pressies from me are HAPPY and that makes me HAPPY too... =)


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