Saturday, December 13, 2008

Finally it's a night with my ladies again after sooooooooo long!!! I've missed them soooooooo much.... Met Shirley, Lunnie & Lennie 1st & headed to Crew Room while waiting for Jacqueline to arrive...

We had hell lotsa fun & laughter thru'out the night...

Both Aiko & me love this photo that we took...

Aiko & Me

As for these 2 lovely ladies, they love to 损 each other & it's really very funny & cute when they do that.... But they still love each other very much as friends...

Lennie & Lunnie

And maybe Lunnie's tired after a long day, she couldn't keep her eyes open whenever we snap & snap... Haha...

Lennie, Lunnie & Me - Take 1

Lennie, Lunnie & Me - Take 2 *This is so much better*

Lunnie & Me

Me & Lennie

It's been such a long while since I last took photos with them...

Shirley & Me

Jacqueline, Aiko & Me

Shirley, Jacqueline & Me

Jacqueline & Me

Shirley, Jacqueline, Aiko & Me

And lastly, our group photos...

Shirley, Jacqueline, Lunnie, Lennie & Me

Lunnie, Lennie, Aiko, Jacqueline, Shirley & Me


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