Friday, January 2, 2009

This is how my little prince drink his milk while watching his favorite "Wheels on the Bus"... He even swayed his legs while I'm snapping him just few days ago... Sometimes really can't stand him... =,=

I finally bought the tool to clean the ear wax (with light) and had used that to clean little prince's ears... Look what I've found when I was digging for "gold" from little prince's ears...

The "gold" from his left ear looked like a rock/stone to me & the "gold" from his right ear looked like pork floss (that's what 老公 said when he saw it)... Till now, I still couldn't figure out why the "gold" in his left ear was soooooooo BIG than his right ear... And that's the result of not digging for "gold" for almost 21 months!!!


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