Sunday, December 28, 2008

We're having a post Christmas potluck lunch gathering @ Eunice's humble place... Little prince dragged his napping time again and we only reached there closed to 2pm... And these are the Christmas pressies that I've prepared for the kiddos...

The rest of them already arrived when I'm there... And the kiddos are having fun interacting with each other...

I left around 4pm and drove back to Tampines to pick 妈咪, 爹地 and brother up & headed to Suntec City for our usual Sunday routine...

A sleepy little prince

Little prince wanted to sit on the kiddy ride & pestered my brother... And the moment the kiddy ride started, little prince was crying & kept calling out to me to get him off from the ride... I've guessed it must be the helicopter moving up & down that scared little prince out...

We rested @ the Coffee Club @ Marina Square before heading back home...

And it's time for little prince to unwrap all his christmas pressies...

1st pressie - from Uncle Darren

And it's little prince favorite train-train

2nd pressie - from Aunty Jasmine

3rd pressie - from Aunty Charmaine

4th pressie - from Aunty Catherine

5th pressie - from Aunty Eunice

6th pressie - from Aunty Ivy aka Mummy's boss

And these are christmas pressies from Me, 老公 and 妈咪...

And the end result, a HAPPY LITTLE PRINCE!!!

Thank you Aunty Catherine, Aunty Charmaine, Aunty Eunice, Aunty Ivy and Uncle Darren for the christmas pressies!

- with Love, Kayden Loo


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