Sunday, May 11, 2008

Little prince turned 14 months today!!!

Recap on his achievements:

~ love to ‘yang o’ a lot

~ knows how to remove his shoes

~ getting more & more demanding

~ knows how to tip toe

~ knows how to keep his toys when asked him to

~ will automatic go to the living room & lie on his favourite cushion while waiting for his milk to be served

~ loves climbing up & down the stairs, sofas & bed

~ he will point to the person that we called out

~ will take his shoes when he know we’re bringing him out

~ will stand @ the door waiting for ILs when seeing them dressed up & ready to go work

~ will point to the room when asking if he wanna sleep

~ LOVE lazing on the bed when woke up (inherited from both Mummy & Daddy)

~ love flipping thru’ story books & looking @ birds or bear bear’s pics

~ love the ‘ABC’ song & fall asleep almost immediately when I hum that song to him @ night

~ LOVE to cuddle Mummy or Daddy when sleeping

~ love to play with other kiddos whenever we’re out shopping still

~ whine abit after he finished his milk

Still anticipating on his 1st word/short sentence… He will be taking his MMR jab next month… Maybe next year shall try for a #2 & little prince will be the BIG BROTHER to take care of his bro/sis... already in the midst of planning... =)

老公 currently on reservist & will be away for outfield training for almost 1 week starting next Monday (Vesak Day)… He WILL, for sure MISS little prince A LOT… Too bad he couldn’t bring camera phone with him… Hmm… maybe I’ll develop some pics of little prince & ME & put in his wallet, so that he can still ‘see’ us whenever he want… =)


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