Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Woke up this morning with a crying little prince @ 1+am... I think must be the diarrhoea devil still pestering him... I really hope that I can help to relieve his pain he's going thru' now, but the fact is that I CAN'T!!!

I really feel that I'm a lousy mummy @ times when I knew that I couldn't even do anything for him... Seeing him going thru' the whole process really make my heart ache!!! Wanted to take few more days leave to take care of little prince but work doesn't allow me to... And even my boss is nice enough to tell me that if I need to take few days leave to take care of little prince, I can do so... But it doesn't really look nice on my work performance lor... Although deep down in my heart I REALLY WANT to take few more days leave, very very tempted to... =(

When will the diarrhoea devil be gone???

My precious little prince, you must get well soon ok? Mummy really feel hurt to see you going thru all these... Must quickly recover soon ok? Mummy & Daddy miss your bubbly self!!!


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