Friday, April 25, 2008

It’s Secretaries Week!

Just came back from a sumptuous lunch treat from my one of my boss @ Novus Restaurant, Bar, Café & Courtyard… It’s located @ National Museum of Singapore, just a less than 10 minutes walk from my office…

They have Local Delights as their set lunch during weekdays… I had linguine carbonara & my boss ordered Oven-baked beef lasagna… We were chatting while waiting for our food to served but it seemed to take the longest time for the food be be right in front of us… And the worse part was they’ve ran out of the beef lasagna & didn’t even notified my boss when we placed our orders… My boss settled for Singapore Laksa in the end had a complimentary dessert without having to top up for the cost difference…

Singapore Laksa

Linguine Carbonara

Oreo Cheesecake *YUMMY*

Over the counter

Comfy sofa seats

The Chill-out area

When my boss & I walked into the walkway to the restaurant, we saw this HUGE (I mean REAL HUGE) artistic statue covered with RED cloth... We were saying most people will see 1 area (lifting up your head's view) instead of the statue head... Haha...

To all secretaries out there:



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