Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finally met up with Mabel after few unsuccessful meet-ups due to the unpredictable weather… We went straight to Far East Plaza to check out the prices for PSP slim as one of the mummies from forum told me there’s a place selling cheap… Finally found a shop selling PSP slim (modified) console @ $358 which include:

~ 4GB memory stick (with 5 years warranty)
~ Sony Original Battery
~ AC Adapter
~ AC Power Cord
~ Manual Guide
~ 3 layered Screen protector
~ 2 in 1 Data cable
~ 1 soft pouch / crystal casing
~ 1 leather strap
~ Micro Cleaning Cloth (he gave me 1 stack… lol)

But I didn’t buy it on the spot as I want to think about it & sourced for the best deal in town… Left for our late dinner @ Takashimaya & went Coach as they’re having 30% sales on selected items… Almost wanted to buy 1 Coach wallet @ $293++ (U.P. $449) after 30% discount, but ended up didn’t as Mabel was telling me that the quality of the leather not very good… Called 老公 & asked for his opinion (as he’s the one paying) & he said don’t get the wallet… hmm… that makes my life much more easier…

Mabel was so nice enough to accompany me back to Far East Plaza to get my birthday pressie (PSP slim in PURPLE) even though she had leg cramps earlier… I would say the service of the SA, Michael was 一极棒 (very very good)!!! Although the stocks of the memory sticks ran out, he’s so nice to ‘kapo’ one of his colleague’s memory stick & let me use temporary till I collect the new one next Wed… There’s a malay couple also bought 1 PSP slim after me but they have to wait for the stocks to come in… So, a good day for me??? Lol…

TA DA~~~~~~~~~ My birthday pressie from 老公, PSP slim

Went The Crew Room as 老公 wanna open 1 bottle of Martell to celebrate my birthday… We didn’t stay long as 老公 was kinda tipsy & almost gone case as he’s been drinking bottles of red wine with his friend @ Dempsey Road since afternoon & continued drinking Martell @ Crew Room…

To Mabel:

Babe, thanks for accompanying me walking up & down (Far East – Taka – Far East) & while waiting for my PSP slim to be ready… Thanks SO MUCH!!!

To Kiki & Joel:

Thanks for the discount!!! Thanks for your help too!!! =)


To 老公:

Thanks for the PSP slim as my birthday pressie!!! LOVE YOU TO THE MAX!!! 爱死你了!!!


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