Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Was on leave today to get something done & then met up with my 2 besties @ Marina Square… Had our lunch @ The Coffee Club & little prince was screaming here & there… His speech still not that clear & he kept pointing & screamed ‘AH’ whenever he wanted something & when I said ‘NO’, he would scream ‘AH’ after every ‘NO’… duhz…

Little Isaiah was taking his sweet nap in the sling & little prince was there making lotsa noise & even asked him to soften keep quiet as 弟弟 was sleeping, he just doesn’t listen… Hmm… maybe he inherited the stubbornness from me… He also liked to smile @ anyone whoever came in contact with him… He had his own laughing style & me & 老公 don’t know where he learnt from… Little prince was happy to see 2 弟弟 but @ the same time forbid me from going near to any of the 弟弟 or to carry them… When I tried to get near Little Isaiah to look @ him, little prince was screaming letting me know his jealousy protest… Even when he’s in the staff’s arms, he would also protest & tears came dropping down immediately when he saw me carried Little Seth… When this little prince of mine became so ‘possessive’ over his mummy??? Why didn’t that happened when mil or 老公's around???

Left earlier as need to rush home cuz 老公 had IPPT @ 5pm… Had my pre-birthday dinner with 老公 & little prince @ a restaurant near our place… We had wanted to try the food there long time ago & finally had the chance… But but but, the food was kinda disappointing… The butter taste in their soup of the day was too strong, the serving of rib-eye steak was so small portion & the mashed potato’s butter taste abit strong… Practically 老公 wasn’t very satisfied with the food & still have to pay for 5% service charge where we have to order our food over the counter… The staffs only brought us to our table & that’s it… Anyway, not going to patronize that restaurant anymore…

There’s a newly opened donut shop, Donut Master near the restaurant… 老公 & I bought half dozen to try and it taste good to me… Hmm, next time I can just come here to buy donuts if I have cravings for it, no need to go all the way to town & queue… =)

To my besties:

Sorry that I had to leave early... But glad that 3 of us make effort to meet up... Will meet up soon again... =)


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