Friday, April 4, 2008

Just saw this from Jacqueline's msn nick & blog that she's organising LeapFrog spree now... And it's closing on 7th April 2008, Monday... Luckily I'm still in time to place my orders...

I've always wanted to the get the LeapPad Learning System for little prince whenever I passed by any Kiddy Palace outlets or Toys 'R' Us but was being turned off by the price that's selling in local... So now with Jacqueline organising this spree, think I will save alot more (even including shipping fees)...

Now I'm thinking should I get all that I've listed here or just get the LeapPad System & the 3 books... I like that 'Learn & Groove® Musical Table' but not too sure should I get it as well...

Why am I always in dilemma when comes to shopping for myself or for little prince?? =(

1) LittleTouch™ LeapPad® Learning System

LittleTouch™ LeapPad® Learning System

Early learning in every book, on every page, with every touch!
From your first reading experience together to the independent toddler years, LittleTouch LeapPad Learning System is designed to build early learning skills, with stories that come to life with the simple touch of a finger. Includes a LittleTouch LeapPad starter book and activity cards with over 100 early learning activities that introduce ABCs, letter sounds, numbers, colors, shapes, reading readiness and more! The LittleTouch LeapPad library of books allows the learning and discovery to continue

Was $29.99
Sale $19.99

SGD: $ 29.59

2) LittleTouch™ LeapPad® Book: Dora the Explorer A Gift from Big Sister Dora

LittleTouch™ LeapPad® Book: Dora the Explorer A Gift from Big Sister Dora
Dora and Boots are taking baby rattles to Dora’s brother and sister, and they want youto join their adventure. Explore and learn as you discover the path to deliver the rattles. ¡Vámonos! Let’s go!

Was $12.99
Sale $ 9.99

SGD: $ 14.79

3) LittleTouch™ LeapPad® Book: Pooh Loves You!

LittleTouch™ LeapPad® Book: Pooh Loves You!

Spend a fun, song-filled day with Winnie the Pooh, as he shares lessons on friendship and emotions! Along the way, key learning skills like counting, shape identification and color/color recognition are introduced.

Was $12.99
Sale $ 9.99

SGD: $ 14.79

4) LittleTouch™ LeapPad® Book: Rainbow Fish

LittleTouch™ LeapPad® Book: Rainbow Fish
Rainbow Fish’s scales shimmer and sparkle as you turn the pages of the book and meet underwater friends. Together with your child, you can uncover more than 100 learning moments, including learning numbers in sequence, counting, grouping like objects, singing, identifying colors and more!

Was $12.99
Sale $ 5.99

SGD: $ 8.87

5) Learn & Groove® Musical Table

Learn & Groove® Musical Table

NOTE: No gift-wrap or rush delivery available for this item. Due to the large size of this item, there will be an additional $5 shipping surcharge in addition to any other shipping promotions.

A favorite among moms and kids alike, the award-winning Learn & Groove Musical Table engages and entertains with more than 40 learning songs, sparkling lights and lots to spin, slide, push, pull, open and close.

$39.90 + *$5 = $44.90 (* additional $5 shipping fees on top of the normal shipping fees.)

SGD: $ 66.45

6) My Own Learning Leap® Software: New Baby! My New Friend!

My Own Learning Leap® Software:
New Baby! My New Friend!

Create a personal learning experience especially for your older child. New Baby! My New Friend! was created to help your child develop a positive relationship with a new sibling. You record loving messages and words in Leap's stories, songs and games about siblings

Was $12.99
Sale $ 4.99

SGD: $ 7.39

If I'm getting all, think I will spend more than SGD $200 (including shipping fees)...


Think my 老公 will kill me if he know the amount I'm gonna spend on little prince's toys!