Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Decided to walk over to Bugis Village from my office cuz it’s still early before meeting Aiko… I was hoping to grab new designs of falsies (volume ones) as the 老板娘 told me last week that she had many designs coming in this week… But sad to say, not much of volume ones…

Anyway, I’ve stocked up a few sets for the 3 designs I got and Joel was asking why stock up for falsies when 1 pair can be used @ least 5-10 times… lol… Aiko & the rest know that I always stock up for my falsies as I’m wearing almost everyday, be it to work or during weekends… I simply can’t live without falsies!!! What to do, I’m borned with stubborn lashes that refused to stay curl all the time before I started my ‘relationship’ with falsies… I can’t stand having to curl it as & when & sometimes I even ended up with few strands of lashes being ‘cut’ half… Bet most ladies out there experienced that before…

Now waiting for that老板娘 to call me when the designs I want arrive as the design which Aiko recommended me (she also love that design) is OOS… Hopefully the stocks arrive soon…

3 different designs

The most volume falsies I have so far

My new addition

Another volume falsies that I love

My shopping loots

Will find one fine day to upload all my collections... =)


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