Sunday, April 13, 2008

Drove to Vivo City to have late dinner with 妈咪 & 爹地 @ the foodcourt… Little prince was behaving well & he was actually was looking @ one jiejie from the other table… Cuz that jiejie was throwing her tantrums onto her father who totally lost his cool & talked loudly to her & saying he would slap her if she don’t behave herself… How can one parent said that so loudly to his own kid?? I mean, if you want to discipline your kid, don’t have to do it in the public so loudly or can do it when you reach home or find a more quiet places rather having many pairs of eyes looking @ the poor kid, right?

Anyway, we went Giant to shop for groceries as little prince’s Baby Bites @ 妈咪’s place already finished… Little prince loved to sit on those trolleys that supermarkets have & MIL once told me before that he even squashed a cream bread when he’s in the trolley… Let little prince had a kiddy ride before we go for last-minute window-shopping… He really enjoyed kiddy rides till when it’s over, he still walked back to the ‘Thomas The Train’ kiddy ride machine & refused to leave… I had no choice but to carry him away with his whinings & strugglings… Luckily it only lasted for few minutes… *Phew*

Had a big fight with 老公 over putting little prince in 妈咪’s care as she’s jobless since Motorola closed their AMK industrial office (think I got the right location?) somewhere early this month… I mean, what’s wrong of letting 妈咪 looking after little prince since she’s jobless? Is not that I won’t pay 妈咪 money for looking after him or asking 老公 to pay 妈咪 in full, it’s just giving 妈咪 another way earning income… He can replied me saying, “WHY MUST YOUR MUMMY LOOK AFTER LITTLE PRINCE?” Upon hearing this, I’m damn PISSED!!! WHY CAN’T MY MUMMY LOOK AFTER HIM? HE’S ALSO MY MUM’S GRANDSON, SOMEMORE 1ST GRANDSON! WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT? Don’t know what’s wrong with 老公's thinking??? What can a 外婆 do to harm little prince? Not that when little prince's under MIL's care (or rather their care) little prince remain 'unharmed'? There's twice that little prince's fell & had a bump on his forehead & a scratch @ his left eye corner when THEY are actually looking @ little prince... So what's the logic here??? Damn it!!


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