Friday, April 11, 2008

Little prince turned 13 months today!!! 时间过得真快, 一转眼我的小宝贝王子已这么大了... Let me do some update on what little prince had achieved so far…

~ when asked to shake hands, he will stretch out his right hand

~ knows how to do 'Good Good' sign

~ understand words like ‘bye bye’ (再见), ‘ball ball’ (球), ‘brush teeth’ (刷牙), ‘bear’ (his 2 Pooh bears) , ‘pig pig’ (his lil’ piglet), ‘fish’ (鱼), ‘stool/chair’ (椅子), ‘chou chou’ (臭臭), ‘put on clothes’ (穿衣服), remove pants (脱裤子), ‘NO’, ‘CANNOT’ (不可以), ‘cat’ (猫), ‘dog’ (狗), 'bird' (鸟), 'porridge' (粥)

~ when tell him ‘time to bath/pong pong’, he will walk to the shower room (冲涼房) & he will also bring the 椅子 in when asked to

~ when asked him ‘Want milk milk?’, he will look @ me & walk with me holding hands to the kitchen to prepare his milk

~ when asked him ‘go lie down (去躺躺) @ his special drinking milk area, he will walk fast & lie down waiting for the milk to be served & will pass to me or 老公 when he’s done

~ will bring his shoes when asked to & he ever attempted to wear socks on his own *good try baby*

~ when asked to greet ‘Good Night Daddy’, he will waves (bye bye) & ‘pan-kiss’ (flying kisses) when asked

~ will point to his ear when asked ‘where’s your ear?’ (你的耳朵在哪里?), & will also point to either my ears or老公's ears when we asked him… But when ask where’s the nose, eyes or mouth, he still point to his ear… -_-“

~ knows how to do ‘pig mouth’ (猪嘴 - in cantonese)

~ will stand @ the door when he knows we’re bringing him out

~ knows how to sayang

~ he will use a spoon pretending to ‘feed’ me or 老公 mum-mum

~ knows how to get up & down his mobile without us helping

~ he will raise both his hands up when asked to remove his clothes (脱衣服) & give me or 老公 his hands when putting on his clothes, same goes for his legs when wearing pants

~ likes to play with our room door

~ likes to play with mobile phones or house phones & when we say 'Hello', he knows how to place the phone (the hearing part) on his ear

There’s still a few more but I couldn’t recall @ the moment… Anyway, I’m just very happy on what he had achieved till now…

Thinking of whether should I enroll him to Tumble Tots, Child Care, or those enrichment classes like The Shichida Method when time comes? Shall wait for Julia to receive her brochures from The Shichida Method & will ask her more informations on that... But currently have to do some research on my own soon before I decide…


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