Friday, April 11, 2008

Headed down to The Crew Room as 老公 & bil wanted to finish their 1/2 bottle of Martell as bil flying back to Indonesia on Saturday... In my heart I was thinking why must go on Thursday knowing that the next day we still have to work? But what can I say? Only few of my friends will know why...

Anyway, Aiko, Joel & Eugene came to join us around 10+pm & 老公 & bil both 'ganged' up & made Joel to drink with them... We had so much fun looking @ how they made each other drink & could tell that bil was already tipsy but he still continued to drink... Around 11+pm, we left for All in Bar @ Boat Quay as the guys wanted to continued drinking... And they had 'Waterfall' & that Joel didn't even drank a sip @ all, ended up only 老公, Jeffrey & one of his friend drank... Bil long ago already drunk & in his dreamland...

Really don't know why yesterday was my worsest day ever!!! Early in the morning 老公 showed me attitude problem, and when we left All in Bar @ 1+am, 老公 pissed me off AGAIN!!! I think 猪都没有他(老公)那么笨!!! Who in the right mind will left their car keys in the keyhole (without starting the car engine) & on the 'aircon' for a drunk person (bil) & left the car unlock for I-don't-know how long... I tried to start the engine but it just doesn't start cuz the car battery had gone FLAT!!! And 老公 kept saying to off everything & start the engine again... OF CUZ I KNOW WHAT TO DO LA, I'VE BEEN DRIVING FOR MORE THAN ****ING 7 YEARS, DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU CAN'T EVEN DRIVE OR BE SOBER!!! I almost prepared to pay $40 for those 24 hours services & that idiot told Joel that will be down within 1 hour but it's already more than an hour & no signs of that idiot!!! Thanks to Uncle David (Cab Driver) who came down to help to recharge my car battery... And a BIG THANKS to Joel for asking Uncle David for help & also to Aiko for staying there with me till the end!!! This is what friends are for!!!

To Aiko, Joel & Eugene:

Thanks for the fun & laughter & we truly enjoy ourselves! And THANKS for lending your hands when I needed help! Sorry that just cuz of my 老公's carelessness that you all had to stay with me till so late... I can ENSURE you that there will be NO MORE of these nonsenses in the future... =)


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