Friday, April 18, 2008

Today’s my 1st time attending my company’s ‘Chill-out Night’ … It was being held in my company premises (for the 1st time too) and the event started @ 4.30pm… As I was involved in the preparation for the event, practically self-declared ‘1/2 day’ for myself…

The event started with some reception thingy followed by opening speeches by my CM (Chairman) & MD (Managing Director) & then food… The food was delicious & the music was great too…

Every staffs attending the event enjoyed themselves totally & I’m busy snapping pics all over the premises… I’m the only junior staff stayed till 7+pm to 8pm with my boss & senior management & EDs (Executive Directors)…

It’s a great success I would say! =)

And I’m looking forward for my company’s this year Annual Function (D & D) trip overseas!!! Can’t wait!!!

Yummy food!

My 2 bosses

How I wish I have her height! *envy*


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