Friday, April 25, 2008

Went over The Crew Room with 老公 as it’s Shawn’s birthday… We were there early & Gracia + Yongming only arrived 12+am, despite Gracia telling me that they would be there around 10+ 11+pm…

Anyway, it’s the 1st time that 老公 went pubbing with me & the rest… Cuz mostly everyone knew that 老公 seldom or not even once joined me & my friends for pubbing or gatherings & I’m glad that 老公 made the effort to join me (been sooooooooo long since me & 老公 went out together, without little prince & bil)…

All of us ‘ganged’ up & made Shawn drink cuz he’s not even 10% drunk, despite he had his other group of friends celebrating for him… It’s more like 1 of his friends’ birthday as his friend’s face was as RED as a lobster… I mean, how can a birthday boy not even tipsy @ all, not to mention drunk… Joel made 1-5-1 (a drink that contains 70% of alcohol from 5 strongest liquor or something like that) for him & the aftereffect of this drink will only come ½ hour later after consumed… And by then, he’s already 80%
level 20 (that’s Shawn’s own drunk chart) drunk… So we’re already ½ way towards our goal of the night…

The Birthday Boy, Shawn

老公 & Me

("v") this pic

Joel suggested to continue the night over @ DragonFly & it’s really a SURPRISE that 老公 agreed to it (cuz he had not stepped into DragonFly before)… Gracia + Yongming couldn’t joined us as they still have to work later on… So only the 5 of us went & it’s a real hell of FUN, FUN and nothing but FUN!!! Shawn was still sober (after the 1st session over @ Crew Room) & we continued to make him drink with 3 jugs of Long Island Tea (a treat from Joel’s boss that we bumped into)… I even 破界 & drank 1 glass of Long Island Tea, just cuz THAT Shawn refused to drink when he was asked to (many times from Joel, Aiko & even 老公)… He’s those kind that you need to provoke him to make him ‘pissed’ then he’ll drink… OMG… 1st time I encountered someone like him…

A drunken Shawn?

Aiko & Me ("v") this pic

Aiko, Shawn & Me

Joel, Aiko, Me & 老公

("v") this pic

Joel & 老公 (look @ Joel's face)

Joel, Shawn & 'rabbit teeth' 老公

We ended our night with 点心 @ Geylang @ 6+am (left DragonFly around 5.45 – 6am) & I went home with a tired + tipsy 老公… Mil still thought what happened to me & 老公 when she found out that we’re not even home @ 7+am…

I’m actually very happy to see that老公 can really get along with Joel, Aiko, Gracia + Yongming… So I should be expecting more of these kind of gatherings coming up every fortnight?

To Joel, Aiko, Gracia + Yongming & Shawn:

Thanks for the wonderful & enjoyable night!!! Love ALL the pics that we took!!!


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