Sunday, May 4, 2008

Went Crew Room yesterday late @ night with 老公 after little prince slumbered to his dreamland... Aiko still made the effort to come down although there's some communications breakdown in between... Lol... Supposed to join them to DragonFly again but 老公 was tired so we went home...

Managed to sleep @ 5+am but was awaken by a hungry little prince @ 6+am... He had once again rejected milk after we'd tried umpteen times... He even rejected the rice cereal... =( When will little prince stop rejecting milk? Wanted to give him cereal but he simply kept his mouth shut... Only after a few tries of coaxing, he finally 开他的金口 & eat... And it's a lucky thing that he didn't reject porridge, if not, I really don't know what to fill his hungry stomach...

How can I make his appetite (for his usual milk) come back again? So worried that he couldn't get enough nutrients... =(


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