Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Brought 妈咪to the Soup Restaurant @ Century Square for an early Mother’s Day celebration… And it’s our 1st time trying out the Samshui (or San shui??) chicken & the feedback from 妈咪 & 爹地 was great!!! They simply love it, as well as little prince… The rest of the dishes also pretty yummy & good… The price was very 'GOOD' too... It cost $84.20 for just few dishes!!! But it's still worth it!!! =)

Little prince was whining a little & stopped immediately when I snapped & snapped, cuz I think the flashlight for a moment made him distracted… Love all his expressions as I was snapping away… 爹地 made little prince wore the hood from his jacket… Little prince looked damn cute lor…

I’m so glad that little prince had so far recovered to his usual bubbly self again, except for some little whinings @ times… Was so happy that the diarrhoea devil FINALLY decided to leave little prince alone… Hopefully his appetite for milk come back real soon!!!


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