Saturday, January 13, 2007

~*~ SaKaE sUsHi gAtHeRinG ~*~

Today woke up pretty early to attend the gathering organised by one of my forumies from Idobaby... Cuz we were chatting in the forum & some of us like sushi alot, so we decided to have a gathering...

The gathering was scheduled @ 12pm, so I got up @ 10am to get myself prepared to meet Jas (one of the mummies) @ Orchard MRT control station @ 11.45am... Left my house @ 11am & took a bus to Tanah Merah MRT... Thru'out my train journey, there's no one or rather kind souls that are so kind enough to give up their seats to those who really need them, like me myself with a big tummy... I stood all the way to Kallang MRT & when finally someone alight @ that station, only then I get to sit down... Haiz...

Anyway, I finally met Jas & her 3 kids @ Orchard (she's pretty early though) and we made our way to borders' Sakae sushi... We were the earliest one though... Shortly after me & Jas arrived, Charmaine (the organiser) came with her hubby & daughter... Another half hour later, the rest of the forumies came... Jas' daughter, Bernice, was really sooooo adorable that she alone ate quite alot of chawanmushi... She really enjoyed her chawanmushi, even after she finished hers, she will still ask for more & more... So in the end, Jas ordered another chawanmushi for Bernice... She's really one darling & the way she eat her chawanmushi was soooooo cute...

Cutie Pie Bernice

I've finally met up with Jas, Charmaine, LingC, Zhuzhu, Ringocat, Gunners & clhw30 for the 1st time... Everyone was pretty friendly like they always do in the forum... At 1st, I thought I'll feel awkward as I'm meeting them for the 1st time in my life... But I didn't feel any thing like that... I truly enjoyed my sushi lunch with the rest of them... Oh ya, we also met up with Pingmis aka Katherine @ Taka for awhile, as Pingmis's dd wanna sleep... Here are some pictures taken by Charmaine (she's busy taking photos till we forgot to include her in the photos...):

Pic 1 : Me, Jas, Bernice, Brandon (behind Jas) & Zhuzhu

Pic 2 : Fran, Ringocat, Adel & Sam (Charmaine's daughter & hubby)

Pic 3 : Amber & LingC

Pic 4: Family of clhw30

Pic 5: Gunners & son

Pic 6 : Bernice & Adel

After seeing their kids, I'm really really excited & can't wait for Kayden's arrival!!! Cuz I also want to bring Kayden in person to the gatherings in the future, instead of him in my tummy now...

But for the time being, really have to control my diet & cut down on sweet stuffs & carbo food... If not, Kayden will be very big & I will not be able to go thru' natural birth...

So baby Kayden, pls be good & mummy will control my diet & mummy wants to give birth natural... Ok, baby? This is a pact between Kayden & mummy, ok? Muackz baby Kayden!


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