Tuesday, December 19, 2006

~*~ WhaT a LonG & bUsY dAy fOr mE!! ~*~

Today is another raining day... Can't imagine how come the rain doesn't stop??

I woke up around 11.30am (being awake by my lil' Kayden's kicks), I was super tired as I slept only in the morning 7am... Anyway, I woke up eventually cuz I'm gonna collect my items from an online spree... Yuppie!! So excited as I can finally get my spree items today...

So I quickly go get prepared and also think of what to wear... After a while, I decided on a white dress that I bought years ago before pregnant... Surprisingly, I still managed to fit in even though I've put on abit of weight due to pregnacy (so Happy!!)... And I also found a pair of white flats that matches the dress (even though I haven't wear the shoes for long long time)... So after a while, I got myself prepared and out I go...

13.45 - 1430

While I was walking to the bus-stop, I realised something was wrong with my pair of shoes... When I take a look at my shoes, you know what?? My shoes's soles came off totally!!! Poor thing right!! I actually intended to take train down to town as it's still early to my appointment BUT due to the accident of my shoes, I have to changed my plan & take a cab down town... Haiz... And due to the bad weather, I have to on call a cab and my cabfare to Far East was like $14.00... And I spent another $19.00 on a new pair of shoes and $25.00 on a top from Forever21...


Then I proceed to Keppal Tower @ Harbourfront to collect my spree items from Jess... I was so anxious to see how's my loots... I bought 3 pcs of clothings from CCT Fashion... To my disappointment, 1) that demin jacket I ordered was so mini (it was Size S) that only kids can wear 2) The beige dress even with lining is totally translucent (even if you wear skin color under garments, still can see thru' totally)... The pink top still ok, just that the back very trans... What am I gonna do with that mini jacket & the beige dress??? My hubby ask me to throw away... =(

1600 - 1845

The last stop today was Kiddy Palace, Toa Payoh HDB Hub... My purpose of going there is to check out the prices on all the necessay baby stuffs & mummy's stuffs that I need to prepare for my lil' Kayden's arrival... I think I need @ least $500.00 budget to get all the stuffs... And today my lil' one not "co-operative"... I think his head is down (hmm.. naighty boy) & it make my movements very tedious... Only walk for less than 5 mins, I can feel that my tummy is heavy & I'm breathless... I can feel that he's putting some pressure & I have to walk real real slow (like a tortise)... Until I can't stand it, I told him, "Baby Kayden, pls be a good boy as Mummy feels a bit "xin ku" & if you stop putting pressure, Mummy will buy your new clothes..." Amazingly after a while, he kinda heard my pleas and stop (Good boy Kayden)... And I bought him a set of new clothes & also a binder (Only $15.00 for 3 items after 10%)... Looks kinda cute...

I also bought an X'mas present for my friend's 1 year old daughter... And when waiting for my hubby to pick me up as it's still raining heavily, I went around HDB Hub to continue shopping & ended up bought a top for myself for $24.90 in less than 5mins... Urgh... Impulse buying...


My total spending for the day is $83.90 (of which my hubby doesn't know else he will kill me for that)... Haiz... Just a few hours & almost $100.00 gone from my wallet... =(


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