Tuesday, December 19, 2006

~*~ RaiNinG MoNdaY bLuEs?? ~*~

Why does people have Monday blues? Is it because we've been enjoying ourselves too much thru'out the weekends? Well... I know that applied to me when I'm still working as I live my life to the fullest... But not for now as I'm a SAHM = Stay @ home mum, an lame excuse for me to prepare for my lil' one's arrival! Keke..

Today is just an ordinary day for me as I woke up @ 7pm in the evening... Good right?? LOL!! Don't know why I slept till this late... Maybe blame it on the super cooling weather and my room atmosphere that make me wanna laze in bed more!! As usual to my daily routine, my personal computer was on & start surfing the net as usual... I was kinda pissed off with my hubby today... Normally when I woke up, I'm usually hungry (and my lil' one inside me too)... So I'll always tell my hubby that I'm hungry... But he will always like to finished his things (ie: playing online games) then ask me what I wanna eat... But that's not the case when his elder bro came back from overseas... Whenever his bro is hungry, my hubby will immediately stopped playing his online games & get food for him...

Just like today, I told him that I was hungry, he did nothing to it...But WHEN his bro said he's hungry, he responded very fast & getting ready to go down & buy food... At that point, I was like WTF!!! I'm his wife & I'm pregnant lei! His bro is more important than his WIFE meh??

After they went down together to buy food, I sms my hubby saying:-

"You are being very biased!! Whenever I told you I'm hungry, you always make me wait for very long then ask me what I want. But whenever your bro said that he's hungry or where he wanna go, you always responded very fast!! This is not the 1st time le!!"

Guess what, he never even bother to reply that sms & still pretended that nothing happened!! Even when they're back, he never even bother to come over & apologise to me!! URGHHHHHH!!!! These kind of things always happen when his bro is back in town!

Hmmm... wondering why my reaction so big! Maybe that's what people called as mood swings when mummies are pregnant, cuz of the hormones changed??

Anyway, tomorrow will be a long & busy day for me! Hope that tomorrow will not rain like today (basically raining whole day)...

Yuppie!! I'm collecting my spree items tomorrow!! Hope the items are in tip top conditions...

As I was typing this long winded entry, my lil' one, Kayden kick me a few times... Maybe he knows what Mummy is going thru' today and this is his way of comforting Mummy! Haha... Ok, Mummy knows you're a very good boy & Mummy LOVES you Kayden!


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